The purpose of this policy is to provide instructions to Residents who are interested in attending the courses.

The USIC Course is open to all HCPs, medical logisticians, military medical personnel and Humanitarian/Disaster Relief Organizations. If you do not qualify for the educational grants and would like to attend through other means, please contact Caitlyn Mason at



  1. Tuition for the course.
  2. Lodging
  3. Roundtrip airfare (nonrefundable coach) or reimbursement for mileage, tolls, and parking.
  4. Meals and refreshments at DARC during the scenario based training and a luncheon on April 17, 2011.
  5. Group transportation will be provided to and from the airport for the duration of the course.


  1. Incidental expenses at the airport, during travel, or during the course. This includes excess baggage fees.
  2. Transportation to and from the home city airport.
  3. Meals, food and beverage expenses not listed in the grant above.


  1. Complete the Resident registration form included in this brochure. Your Program Director must sign the registration form prior to submitting it to DARC.
  2. Residents are required to submit an essay, 500 words or less, describing why they want to participate in the training and why we should let them attend. If you have a planned HA/DR trip within the next 12 months please provide the details of your trip.
  3. Submit your registration packet (form, essay & credentials) to Caitlyn Mason at DARC via email or fax.  Registration closes at 11:59 PM CST on Monday, March 28, 2011
  4. You will be notified upon receipt of your registration packet.
  5. All essays will be submitted to the DARC AMP Faculty Board for review and selection with the Board Chairman, Dr. Larry Hollier, having final authority over any tie or dispute.
  6. Once you are accepted a letter of confirmation will be sent to your email. All decisions will be made by 12:00 PM CST on Thursday, March 31, 2011.
  7. You will have until 12:01 AM CST on Friday, April 1, 2011 (36 hours) to confirm your slot in the course.  If we do not hear from you within this time, your slot will be given away to an alternate.
  8. Please do not plan to bring a spouse/guest, since we cannot accommodate these individuals at the site, nor will there be time outside of training.
  9. Acceptance priority will be given to any resident applicant who has a planned HA/DR trip within the next 12 months.

Reminder: All registration correspondence will be via email.